Pharmacists against Covid-19. To support doctors with the right therapy.

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Italian pharmacists supporting

The Pharmaco working group – Pharmacists Against Covid – is teaming up Italian pharmacists supporting
medical staff in the therapeutic choices as countermeasure of the Coronavirus.

Medical staff asks support about drugs interactions to the Phamaco Team by entering data in the query
form below. At least a pharmacist will reply with a report within 48 hours.

If every pharmacist takes part in this, all together we can overcome the challenge of the century.

United we will do it!

The Pharmaco Team is not collecting personal private data about its users. Data collected for the portfolio of projects including Name/Surname/Affiliation/Drug to be verified and Note  are solely for the purposes of this initiative  implementation, monitoring and evaluation; and are entirely stored anonymous and aggregate level data. In all its supported projects the Pharmaco Team is advising to all third parts and other partners not to collect and disclose personal private data.

  • Author: Antonia Mele AIFA a few days ago gave the go-ahead for the Tocilizumab trial to treat pneumonia induced by the new Coronavirus infection.Patients over 18 years of age with confirmed Covid 19 infection will be chosen for this study; however, patients in whom, according to the treating physician's opinion, progression to death is imminent and inevitable within 24 hours, regardless of the treatment provided, patients with active tuberculosis (TB) or with suspected bacterial, fungal, viral or other active infection (in addition to COVID-19) are excluded. It is expected that the